Welcome to the Live Training Center/Membership Builder Workshop

Today's Work: Blueprint for Membership --> High Ticket Sale:

Discussion About Virtual Events:

WordPress Membership Build and Discussion About Menus

How to Create Modules With Posts and Post Widgets, Plus Adding an Image to Your Membership:

Also, a video showing how one of my students created the menu the way I had in mind:

Advanced Menu Bar Widget for Membership Menu

How to Create Advanced Menus to Display Membership Content and Navigation:

Here is the new membership lesson area we are building:

New WordPress Members Area

Prior Lessons:

Deep WordPress Build: Post Categories, Templates, and Post Widgets

We'll design a members area from scratch using wordpress and very basic (free or nearly free) plugins, with expansion architecture so you can scale and/or upgrade to more complex plugins as your business demands it.

Here are the recordings:

Build a Basic Members Area in WordPress

Prior work:

 Part 1: Deep Background:

I'll have this uploaded where it's easier to watch, but for now the fastest way to get it to you is the zoom link:

skip the first track,

Day 1, Deep Membership Background

Last Week's Work, Training Center and Membership Buildout using kajabi:

Replay, Buildout of Training Center/Membership


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