Consultants: Get Paying Clients in Just 3 Weeks Using LinkedIn:

For the first time ever, Sean Mize is opening the doors to a special 8 day insider's intensive to implement the insider client-getting system that's working in 2021 for getting clients fast using LinkedIn outreach with no ads, no funnel, and no fancy tech.

Consultants: Get Paying Clients in Just 3 Weeks Using LinkedIn:

For the first time ever, Sean Mize is opening the doors to a special 8 day insider's intensive to implement the insider client-getting system that's working in 2021 for getting clients fast using LinkedIn outreach with no ads, no funnel, and no fancy tech.

If you dream of a consulting business that's both fulfilling and highly profitable, you'll want to pay attention to the opportunity I'm about to share.

Dear Consultant,

I'm just going to come out and say it:

2020 was a rough year for a lot of coaches and consultants.

Maybe you're hesitant to take action and move forward, after a rough year last year . .

It can feel even more frustrating if you are struggling to get clients right now.

If you're like many consultants right now, you may be:

  • Spending time and money on social media and ads, but not getting the clients you need
  • Paying monthly for marketing tools and training, but not getting results
  • Purchasing courses and marketing materials to add to your knowledge, but you aren't implementing the strategies to actually get clients
  • Or maybe you've tried to pivot into a new area, but you aren't getting traction yet

You're not the only one experiencing this

I've shared this repeatedly over the last few months:

Many of the strategies that worked in the past aren't working anymore.

What worked before Covid is mostly not working anymore.

Sales methods have changed, platforms have changed, and different people are buying than were buying before Covid.

And if you don't pivot and adjust and "go where the puck is going" as they say in hockey . . you are going to be left behind.

And that's the key reason I have personally pivoted to LinkedIn to do nearly all my new lead generation since Covid, and barely using it before . . and sales using LinkedIn have skyrocketed by all estimations . . .

We've seen Consultants take off and rocket to higher levels using LinkedIn, like maybe never before  . .

Want to know how to practically find clients "on-demand" with no ads, no funnel, and no fancy tech?

Based on my personal experience, and the experience of my colleagues I believe that meeting prospects on LinkedIn and reaching out to them in a very specific, targeted way is KEY to getting the paying clients AND making the impact you deserve in 2021.

I've become obsessed with using LinkedIn to get leads, get subscribers, get consults, and get paying clients.

And when you use a very easy, friendly way of outreach on LinkedIn that allows you to laser target your audience, you turn them into red-hot leads that not only like and trust you, but will buy from you again and again.

But can LinkedIn client outreach work for YOU?


As you've probably seen me teaching and demonstrating lately, it's quick and easy to target the RIGHT prospects in LinkedIn, send them messages that build trust fast, then get them onto your list and enrolled in your consulting

The good news is, you can start from absolute scratch and have new clients in less than 3 weeks . . .

In fact, because it's individual outreach, you might have your first contact on day 1 or day 2, and your first client your first week . . .

but I like to be conservative and focus on you building a SYSTEM so that you are getting clients consistently - not just one quick client win because you contacted the right person at the right time on day 1 - even though it CAN happen !

You're not the only one experiencing this

Here's the thing: Many of the strategies that used to work in the past aren't working today

There have been a lot of changes in the consulting world in the last year, and prospects are hanging out in different places, some prospects are hesitant to take action without a higher level of touch and trust.

That's why it's more important than ever to be able to personally connect with them and relate to them in a powerful personal way

And when you master that process, you can enter into a place where you are changing more lives than ever, and you are living your purpose and making a good living too.

Want to know what's working now to find high value prospects and give them the value they need so that they hire YOU as their consultant or coach?

Enter LinkedIn:

I believe LinkedIn is the most powerful prospecting platform in the world for coaches and consultants, and is becoming more so every single day.

You see, the other social media are becoming (and have been for a long time, it's just getting worse) very very crowded and noisy.

LinkedIn is THE #1 go-to social media for business prospecting and having business conversations.

Plus, LinkedIn is super easy to target and identify the exact prospects who need what YOU have so you can target and communicate with ONLY the right prospects and not waste your time on everyone else.

But can LinkedIn Work For You?

if you are a business consultant who teaches or consults on ANY THING that business professionals can use help with . .

the answer is a resounding YES!

Not only will it work for you . . but when you implement my strategies, you can quickly, very quickly start getting leads, getting new subscribers, getting appointments with prospects, and getting new clients very very quickly.

If you're ready to totally rock 2021 and finally start getting consulting clients fast using LinkedIn, I suggest you enroll in a very special, fast-paced

LinkedIn Accelerator

I'm personally teaching over 8 Fast-Paced days:

Have a profile that is attracting your ideal prospects like a honey pot attracts dragonflies

Your website will support your profile, for trust and credibility

You will have LinkedIn laser targeting in place so that you are targeting the EXACT prospects who need what you have

You will have a dialed - in connection hook that's getting you as many as 50 new connections per day

You will have a laser-targeted outreach letter that you can use in messages, inmails, and even email that gets up to 7% - 10% of your connections, coming to your site and booking an appointment

You'll be getting as many as 3-5 new appointments per day

You'll be getting new clients coming in from Linkedin, like clockwork, just following the system.

In this powerful live 8 Day Mentoring, I am going to show you exact framework I'M PERSONALLY USING to get subscribers, get booked appointments, and get clients directly from LinkedIn.

Here's how it's going to work:

Each Day for 8 Days, I am going to teach one critical component of LinkedIn:

Crafting your laser-targeted profile that attracts prospects

The exact words to use on your website to connect your profile and your website for trust building and credibility

The exact method I'm personally using to get 40% connection acceptance on connection requests

The exact outreach words to write in messages, inmails and even emails to get prospects to say "YES!" to coming to your site, booking a call with you, and even enrolling in your program.

The exact scripting to use for your enrollment call so that folks want to enroll in your program

How to Craft your offer so it perfectly resonates with the exact prospects you are getting from linkedin

And so much more!

This is going to be an end to end process for getting clients from LinkedIn, in a very fast-paced environment that prioritizes results for you.

Why 8 Days Instead of 2 Months or 6 Months?

So here's a little background . .

I actually AM planning to create a 2 Month LinkedIn Intensive with 8 - 10 weekly lessons that clients would receive, plus a weekly call with me . . .

That will be primarily for my OWN client enrollment I'm doing from LinkedIn.

You see, when new clients meet me from LinkedIn, they'll need more time to implement, because they aren't familiar with my processes, they'll need to get web pages up, etc.

So a 8 day/ 2 week intensive would, frankly speaking, be too much for a new prospect.

But for clients like yourself, you can dig in, work hard, work right along with me, and get great results fast . . .

Just one new client will pay for your admission here . . .

and the rest is gravy!

Now, my 2 month / 8 week Linkedin Accelerator Client Training will be rock solid and powerful, and will sell for $2000

I believe that's not only a fair price, but actually a bargain for what these new clients are going to get when they enroll with me.

Now, like I shared with you, the way I'm going to deliver that 8 week Linkedin Class is that they'll get 8 lessons inside a members area that step by step teaches them how to build their Linkedin Attraction System and get new Clients . . .

 But rather than teach the lessons live over 8 weeks, I'd like to teach them up front . . .

And frankly speaking, for my current clients, people who follow me, who trust me enough to dig in and work really hard for 8 days . . .

They'll get to learn everything I'll be teaching my 8 week, $2000 clients . . .

 In a fast-paced intensive where they can start getting clients in less than 2 weeks!

And the benefit for me is that the lessons for the 8 week program will be recorded, and I can just make my weekly coaching sessions be Q & A instead of teaching . . 

So if you are open to a really fast-paced training program where we meet for 8 days and you will learn a TON of material fast and you'll implement fast . . .

And of course, you'll be my live audience, you'll be able to ask questions, use the templates, get guidance from me, and in short, help me make sure I include everything that should be included for $2000

I'd like to invite you to the 8 Day Linkedin Accelerator and Mentoring Intensive With Sean Mize

You'll get every lesson, every deep dive step of the way, taught by me personally, but instead of spacing it out over 8 weeks (which is sometimes hard because there are usually interruptions over 8 weeks), you get it all in just 2 weeks . . and you are getting clients FAST!

And you'll get front-row, live access for 50% off what new LinkedIn Prospects will invest when they come through my live Linkedin Funnel . . .

If you choose to take the challenge, you'll invest just $997 for the entire 8 Day LinkedIn Accelerator and Intense Mentoring and Guidance and start getting clients right away!

Are you ready to take massive action fast, implement fast, and start getting massive results in your Linkedin Marketing and start getting clients as soon as the 5th day in?

If so, this is hands down and incredible opportunity . . .

You'll be working with me personally for 8 days, just as if you were working with me for 8 weeks, one day a week

but in my opinion -

I personally like fast paced -

In my own business, one of my own secrets to success is that I take massive action, and I take it fast.

I rarely take 8 weeks to build ANYTHING

Almost everything I do in my business, I do it in less than a week or so.

But I know that if I crammed this into 4 days with 2 a days, I might break some clients!

So it will be 8 days, not 4 days!!!!

But the real key is that very very quickly, you'll implement as I go, day by day

and you will literally be inviting prospects to a call with you by day 5

How will it feel to have a very streamlined, clear plan, exactly what to do and how to do it to launch your linkedin prospecting funnel and do it right right out of the gate?

What will it mean for you to finally have a predictable path to step by step get new clients from linkedin?

 If that would change things for you . . ..

I advise you to commit to massive action . .

join with me, enroll today, and let's get your LinkedIn funnel up fast and producing income fast!

2 Weeks Pedal-to-the-Metal LinkedIn Accelerator and Mentoring  $2000 $997

Friend, I want to make it SO EASY for you to have your own Consultant Training Business in 2021  . . . and when you see behind the scenes on Tuesday, your eyes will be opened and you'll believe you can do it!

When you can begin teaching YOUR technique and getting paid for it . . things change fast for you!

And transform your life forever!

I encourage you to scroll up and get started!

Sean Mize

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