LinkedIn Mentoring Program

Part 1: How to Prospect On LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Mentoring Hour 1: Prospecting

Daily Helping and Prospecting

LinkedIn Script Connection Request and Gift Offer

Part 2: Inviting Prospects on LinkedIn into Your Lead Funnel

Part 2: Live Prospecting, Comments Prospecting Plus Discussion of Moving Through Lead Funnel

Leads Through Funnel - Illustrated With Live Funnel and Flow-chart

Part 3: Deep Dive into Comments

Deep Dive Live Prospecting in Comments

LinkedIn Bonus: Live Prospecting Searches and Content/Comments

Complete Messaging Sequence With Live Example:

How to Use LinkedIn to Build Collaborations and Meet Connections' Connections

The Interview Method

Part 2:


The very first place to start is to read this doc carefully:

The LinkedIn Game Plan and Connection Scripts

Then start with the videos on the left, then the work on the right.

yes, this is a lot of material - but you are going to be able to master LinkedIn for coaching leads!

LinkedIn Prospecting Part 1

LinkedIn Prospecting Part 2

LinkedIn Scripts

This is an in-depth, deep look at prospecting in LinkedIn  . . .using some new concepts for targeting and attraction.

LinkedIn Prospecting Workshop

Additional LinkedIn Notes:

Bonus LinkedIn Networking and Prospecting

More: Get Unlimited Coaching Traffic:

Get Unlimited Coaching Traffic

More unlimited coaching traffic ideas:

More Unlimited Coaching Traffic Ideas

Another bonus, it's on youtube so just a bonus, not part of this training:

Get Partner Traffic

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