Here are three things you can do to explode your list to make more sales (YEAH!)

1.  Build your inventory of free marketing resources and offer them in exchange for leads.

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Why?  Offer these to get new opt-in emails to your list in Aweber.

2.  Build your own Lead Capture pages on your own site.

Why?  To be unique instead of a lemming following the crowd.
How?  Get the Profit Center System and spend one day LEARNING how to use it.  There will be no looking back.

3.  Build your email list AND your SMS list for maximum effect.

How:  Use Aweber to create simple forms to have people opt into your list for the freebies you offer.
Why:  Building your list is the way to follow-up to make more sales.

How #2:  Build your SMS list (Text list)  SMS (text-based) marketing is your answer. Legal, simple and now, almost free!
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Enjoy your new TRAFFIC, LEADS and SALES Bonuses!


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