Create Your Course or Info-Product in 10 Days Flat, From Scratch

Hi, it's Sean Mize & Fred Raley here . . .

And we're here with a question for you:

Is NOT HAVING your own, personal product or course holding you back from the success you want?

If you had your own course, your own lessons with YOUR NAME ON IT, what kind of difference would that make?

How would it feel to have - just 10 short days from now - your own complete product or course?

Here's the thing, if you don't have a course . . . it's like, someone comes to your site . . . and they see you don't have a course.

You don't have the credibility you could have.

PLUS - many people may be coming to your site and if you had a course on your front page or your products page - they would BUY IT.

How much revenue are you losing from NOT having a course?

Here's the thing, maybe you haven't created a course for one of the following reason:

  1. You don't know how
  2. You don't think you have the time
  3. You think it's too much work
  4. You haven't been taught
  5. You thought it was expensive

What if I could totally SMASH those excuses . . .

And personally guarantee that if you'll follow my easy directions for just 10 days . . .

You'll have your own course, ready to sell, complete with your own lessons on autopilot

PLUS your own sales letter to do it from  . . .

And you can do it ALL with free software right on your wordpress site . . .

That's right,

For the first time ever, I've devised a way that you can create your own course from scratch, put it on your site, including the sales letter - with nothing more than just a WordPress site and free plugins

(of course, if you want to use fancy software you already own, you can do that too)

Now, I've NEVER done what I'm going to do in the next 10 days: 

I am going to create 10 daily lessons - it's about 45 minutes per day for 10 days . . . 

And in 10 days, you'll have your own course - fully created. YOUR TOPIC PLUS the sales letter to sell  it from.

Ready to make sales 

Here's what I'll teach you sequentially: 

--> How to Determine a High-Demand Problem in your niche that you can solve (every product must solve a problem)

--> Determine the Exact Solution to the problem, and KNOW that people will pay for the solution (AKA your product or course)

--> Determine exactly who your target market is (aka avatar) - the people who will PAY you for your course

--> How to Craft Your Own Personal Unique Message that you will use on your site and to name your course

--> How to map out the lessons in your course so that they are in the right order for your clients to get the best results

--> Exactly how to create the lessons in your course FAST

--> Exactly how to write the sales letter for your course (word for word what to write for YOUR course) 

That's right - in 10 lessons over 10 days you will create your course 

And in 10 days, you'll have your own course - fully created. YOUR TOPIC PLUS the sales letter to sell  it from  . .

ready to make sales 

How will it feel to finally have your own course, a course you can sell for anywhere from $29 on the low end to $1,000 on the high end?

If you've never sold a course before, you can price it low for 10-20 sales, then start raising the price.

Or if you already have a business, and you just need some guidance and structure to create a new one - you can charge anything you want! 

How will it feel to have your own course in as little as 10 days from now? 

How does it feel to have your own course right on your web site, complete with a sales letter and payment button so clients can buy it? 

If that feels good . . .let's talk about the investment.

Now, first off, I've never taught how to create a course like this, step by step, and just this easy.

I would normally charge $100 - $1000 for a short term training like this . . .

But I've made what some would say a crazy decision . . .

I want to make this 100% affordable to ANYONE who wants to take this course.

And yes, there will be recordings for every single lesson.

Now, I believe this will so completely change your business, that I've decided that for the first few clients who enroll in this program, it won't be $1000

it won't be $1000

but for a limited time (this is a conversion test)  . . .it's just $97: 

Now, frankly, I think I can read your mind:

Right now you are thinking, what's the trick, is this real?

Does this mean this is some watered down, silly training?

I get it.

It doesn't feel real.

But no, this isn't some watered down, silly training.

This is the real deal.

Why am I doing this?

Frankly speaking, I hold a lot of high priced classes.

And they are worth every penny.

But there's 2 things going on:

#1: I have NEVER created a program just like this, and I want to add it to my collection of training . . and if you know me well lately, I don't like to record in a studio . . . I like to have an audience 

#2: As you know, recently I've been teaching mostly consulting topics, LinkedIn etc., but it has come to my attention that many of my clients need to create their own product... and that NOT having a product is the #1 reason they can't succeed... 

And so I've made the decision to solve this problem once and for all, to make it SUPER EASY for clients to create their product or course FAST 

But for right now, as long as the link says $97 -

You can get the entire 10 day Course Creation Program -

nothing held back

the entire program 

for just $97: