Perfect Clarity Offer Workshop

Hour 1:

  • Crystal Clarity on EXACTLY What you teach
  • A step by step plan for DELIVERING what you teach
  • Determine the exact sub niche or nuance that makes YOU special
  • Exactly how many lessons, worksheets, templates, etc to put into your offer
  • How many weeks or months is your offer
  • How is your offer delivered
  • Exactly What to Put Into Your Offer So That it's Perfect For Your Perfect Client
  • You'll have a print document with your offer spelled out so no longer do you have confusion about what's in your offer

Hour 2:

  • Crystal Clarity on WHO you teach
  • A vivid avatar you can use to picture when you write copy etc
  • What EXACTLY is your perfect client looking for?
  • Exactly how to give your perfect client exactly what they are looking for
  • Discover how to laser target with pinpoint accuracy, where your perfect client hangs out online so you can attract him or her there
  • When this class is over, you'll know EXACTLY who you are prospecting to and you can start prospecting THIS WEEKEND

Hour 3:

  • I'm going to show you how to write the world's easiest sales letter for your offer
  • How to Create a Sales Letter With the Exact Components to Tell About Your Offer so that clients want to buy
  • You can leave the Workshop with your sales letter fully written out, ready to use

When you leave this first - ever live Offers and Perfect Client Workshop, You will Have:

  • Your Offer Fully Written out, you can start telling people what you do and who you help, this weekend
  • Your exact target prospect and you'll know EXACTLY where to find those prospects online
  • You'll have the EXACT words for your sales page so that you can start marketing THIS WEEKEND

This is powerful, and this will change things for you.

Like I mentioned on the letter, I believe this is worth $2000 . . .

But I want this to be a no-brainer

So it's not $2000

it's not $1000

it's not $500

it's just $97:

Let's do this together!