Launch Your High Ticket Program Within the Next 5 Weeks

Dear Client:

Are you looking at this year and thinking . . .I'm not gonna hit my goals?

Are you thinking, I'm just not set up like I want to be for 2021?

Or maybe you just haven't hit your coaching business goals . . .

Are you struggling to re-orient in this new economy that is frankly speaking, favoring high-tough, high involvement, high priced clients?

If so, I believe what I'll share with you here could make all the difference in the world.

You see, late November into December is an ideal time to enroll clients into a high ticket program for the following year . . . .

Like a $ $5000 - $12,000 year-long program in 2021

I've seen it year after year, time and again.

The thing is . . . this is a special moment, a unique time, a window of opportunity for you to do something . . .extraordinary . .

To finally launch the Signature Coaching Program of your dreams . . .

And do it in less than 5 weeks (3 weeks for the fastest implementers)

This might be the offer of a lifetime for you.

You see, if you've thought about creating a high ticket program

but holding the launch and getting it going is what's holding you back

This changes things

Here's the thing, I'm planning my own high ticket launch for later November and into December using my new LinkedIn funnel . . .

And when those high ticket ($7500) clients enroll, I want them to already have the initial step by step lessons and what to do and how to do it,

And although I've already created some of the training, there's a lot of brand new material I want to record

and I like to record with a live audience that will ask questions so that my training is better

So I've decided to open a very special class for current clients

where, over the next 5 weeks, I'm going to guide a handful of clients to

Design their $5000 - $12,000 program

Create a very specific high ticket funnel email campaign (that includes a 5 day challenge to warm the leads up)

And then offer their prospects a high ticket program offer . . .

And with a high ticket funnel like this, you can literally go from zero to selling high ticket in 5 weeks or less . . .

I literally do my own launches in a week or less . . .

Of course I'll be guiding you through every step, so it will take a little longer for you

Now, you might be asking, will my niche work for high ticket?

And not every niche is a good fit for this high ticket funnel.

The highest converting niches are mostly interested in coaching program development, consulting, high ticket selling, info product funnels, and high-end self-development.

Now, the way this works is that you can generate low cost and organic leads from YouTube, and LinkedIn, send them to a 5 day challenge warming campaign, and then make your high ticket offer . . .

But it has to be done right for it to work, and I'm going to guide a handful of clients exactly what to do and how to do it, week by week and step by step for 5 weeks (plus continued guidance through the end of the year for adjustments and tweaking) . . .

and do EXACTLY what I tell you to do in the 5 weeks preparation (unless you are a jackrabbit and move even faster)

You can enroll 5-15 high ticket clients

 Now this is not for everyone . . .

if you aren't a coach or a consultant

or you don't want to coach or consult

this isn't for you

This is a real coaching/consulting launch . . . 

But if you've struggled for months or years to finally launch your coaching or consulting program, this is the perfect storm:

Clear direction on what to do and how to do it (the EASIEST coaching structure possible)

A clear time frame with a deadline (you will choose a 3 day window between now and the end of the month, and I will send 3 emails to my list promoting your coaching launch

And the camaraderie of others who are doing it at the same time . . 

Now, not only will you be working closely with me

--> I'll be guiding you step by step exactly what to do and how to do it

--> To set your coaching program up

--> Set up the entry funnel so that folks are warmed up and want your coaching

--> How to enroll clients in your coaching

--> and how to get leads and subscribers . . .


You'll not only get leads through the prospecting I show you

You'll get 3 mailings to my list during the 3 days you choose

PLUS you'll be able to cross promote with each other

 If you can see the power of the timing of this launch . . .

You know this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

(This is the kind of thing that when a handful of folks gets to "go first" and you miss out . . you know it afterward!)

 So there's huge value in doing this . .

Obviously I can't predict the level of sales you'll generate

It depends some on your price point and how aggressive you are . .

but I think that 10 clients at $5000 is not out of the question

5 - 20 clients at $5000 - $7000 is possible

or you could go the route of creating long term recurring revenue

and price yours at $97 - $297 a month and have 30-40 clients paying you each month 

The key is that by the end of December, you'll have a full-scale coaching program launched with clients, and you can add new clients each month all year! 

So what's the investment? 

Here's the thing, if you have a Signature Coaching Program - especially a year long program for 2021 or a recurring, rolling entry program you can enroll dozens or hundreds of clients into . . .

You can leverage that into a full time income for 2021, even if you are starting from scratch right now.

In fact, I believe this is an amazing time to start a coaching program because the demand for personal help is really high right now.

Let's just say you made this into just a $100k business in the next few months

If you were to make an investment of $7500 - $10,000, that would be a 1000% ROI . .

 and you'd have a full business to boot! 

Now, I mentioned that I was personally launching a new program for 2021, using the new list and the new leads at LinkedIn, and the modeling is looking like literally several hundred thousand dollars . . .

And the price on that program will be $7500 for the entire year to new clients. . .

And I want to have the lessons pre-recorded by the time those high ticket clients come in

So I've decided I want to do something special for you, for my current clients . . . .

Instead of $7500 to launch your coaching program

PLUS get my step by step guidance

and we meet 2-3 times per week

PLUS you get 3 mailings to my list during the 3 days you choose for promotion by the end of the year . . .

Instead of $7500 for a year (which is $625 per month)

I am opening just 10 spots to do something special

You get the full launch with me

Full directions

Full kick in the right direction

3 mailings to my list

Not for $7500

Not for $625 for 2 months ($1250)

But for just one easy payment today of just $387

That's right, just $387 and you get the full launch personally with me . . .

Now, like I said, there's 10 spots, and when they are gone, they are gone

Frankly, I expect they'll go fast . . .

So if you want to launch with me, by the end of the year, go ahead and get in:

13 Weeks 1-1 With Sean

P.S. Here's a review of what you will do:

During the next 5 weeks, I am going to take you by the hand and teach you to launch a brand new coaching business . . .

You can do a full year launch for 2021 if you want, and sell access for $1000, $2000, even $5000

Or you can do a monthly rolling launch, with 20, 30, even 40 clients at $97 - $397 per month

--> You'll meet with me 2-3 times per week

--> Get step by step instructions, what to do, how to do it, for every step of the way

--> You'll build a list of 300- 500 new subscribers (on the low end)

--> You'll get full launch support from me, with 3 emails to my list during your agreed launch time

--> You'll be getting the full kickoff to a $7500 program - ($625 a month if you were to enroll monthly) -

You get 2 months - through the end of the year PLUS a full launch to my list!

For just $387 . . .

Now, like I said, (obviously with 30 days in December, there's only 10 3-day spots for doing your launch . . .

so it limits it to 10 launches in December)

So . . for 10 clients

This can really change things for you:

13 Weeks 1-1 With Sean

Let's do this!