Every online marketer needs “Traffic”.

Traffic turns into “Leads” which are people who are interested in your products or services.

If you have a good sales funnel, you will make more “Sales”.

If you are not yet driving enough “Traffic” to your site from attraction marketing, you can start with “Leads” from other sources.

I’ve used the following sources with good results.

  1. Traffic from Solo ads on Udimi.  This is a source of lead providers who collect leads in your niche and give you clicks from those to get to your site.  Start with a small order ($100 if possible) and see what kind of response and opt-in rates you get.  You may have to try multiple vendors before you find a good one.  Once you do find a good one, you can ramp up to whatever level he can support.
  2. Extreme Leads is a vendor that sells different types of leads.  I’ve had good results with their SMS leads.  You must have a very simple and short Lead Capture page as most all of these will be looking at your site from a mobile device like their cell phone.  Here’s one I did.  The idea is if they want what is on the graphic, they click on it to go directly to your Lead Capture Page similar to the Udimi PPC sources.
  3. Jaszdeep Singh is a PPC broker and is a cut above the rest.  His leads are used by many of the top markers.  Order the “100% USA BUYERS PREMIUM” leads as they respond much better.
  4. Traffic4Me is a site run by Harris Feldman that has provided leads to the community for many years.  I always get good results here.
  5. While I am thinking about it, here is a “Niche Selection” video training I made.  It will help you define your target market.
  6. Thomas Utt is a long time PPC lead provider that is in use by many top marketers.
  7. Safelists are another source of leads.  Like Solo ads, there is a certain way to approach them.  They in general all have their own business.  So you need to offer them things business owners need in business:  Traffic, Leads & Sales info or help.  Again, simple, one-point LCP’s are what works best.  One statement on the LCP ==> One decision ==> One opt-in.  don’t confuse the situation with lots of bullets or graphics or videos.  Most folks are only looking at a safelist post for 10 seconds or so.  Not a lot of time to digest a 3 page long LCP.  Just google “Safelists” and you will find a ton of them.

Hope this helps!