Great Idea!  More Traffic, Leads and Sales is exactly what you need, isn't it?

Check out these videos and Take GOOD notes.

Bonus Video - Don't MISS!

3 Tips to Bring in Loads of Cash

from the Internet

1.  Have Some Thing to sell: If you are just getting started at making sales online, let me recommend my "5 Day EMail Crash Course"   It's a perfect starter set for launching your business.  To collect and followup (yes, you should read that!) with your leads, "Aweber" is my best autoresponder recommendation.  I've been with them for over 20 years.

2.  Have Some Where to sell it:  Don't do like I did and put this off.  You should get your own internet "property" right away to highlight your expertise, products and services.  I most strongly recommend the "Profit Center" to get my "Triple Your Leads" Cheatsheet and "7-Day eCourse" to start building your home on solid ground for a lifetime of sales and profits.

3.  Have Some Prospects to sell it to: There are tons of places to get leads from.  Some of the ones I have had great success with are on my "Leads" page.