Fred Raley is a serial entrepreneur coaching people how to build up profitable assets out of thin air that can take them into a comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing retirement sooner than they ever expected.

Fred drove submarines around the world and operated nuclear reactors in the U.S. Navy for 24 years and retired in 2000 in Woodbridge, VA.  He has 5 kids and 4 grand-kids and a wonderful, lovely wife who also works online.

Fred’s “claim to fame” is starting out early in development of the internet in list building and making money from your email list.  It’s funny how the “gurus” of today tell you “Email is Dead”.  The odd part is they send you an email to tell you that as they sell you something else!


Fred has endured his share of failures in online marketing.  Learning from failures has been the best teacher in online marketing he says.  Just taking action after action to get your marketing out there will teach you more about internet marketing success than any school classroom you ever suffered through.

His first article on the email topic was “Follow-up or Die” which was ripped off numerous times by tons of people to promote their own products and services.

My Three Sons (and no, I’m not “Fred MacMurray”)

When asked what his most unusual hobby was, he revealed his beer can collection of over 800 cans starting back in his Boy Scout hiking days.  “I don’t actively collect any more” said Fred.  “But some of the collection are vintage classics that I just can’t bear to get rid of them.

               Golf @ Andrews AFB

Fred’s favorite activities are usually centered around his fire bowl in his back yard with friends & family.  He also enjoys his wife’s great cooking, eating sushi with his daughter, golf with close friends, fishing, boating and traveling to see the kids and grands.

When asked about his online marketing activities, he said:

The goal for my IM business is not only to fund my retirement, but to help baby boomers & millennials to do the same.  Following the 40/40/40 plan just flat out didn’t work for most of us.  There’s an overdose of “easy button” marketers out there too that can too easily lead you astray.  I’ll help you avoid those traps so you can start bringing in good income to fund your retirement

Golfing @ Ft. Belvoir MD

           Golfing @ Ft. Belvoir MD

Fred put together Fast EMail Profits course for you.  E-Mail is the glue that holds your online business together and is an integral part of your online sales process.  It’s a good place to start in putting your marketing system together for long term income.  It’s also the place where you “Build Your List” which becomes the single long term asset in your online business.

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