Seniors and Retirees Videos

How to Start a Successful Home Business

I hope you enjoy these videos.  I also put a link at the bottom to a zipped up file of the audios in case you would like to listen to those at some point as a review on your mobile device.

Notes below the videos are some extra thoughts I might have on the subject of the video or recommendations for the three things you need to bring in more income from your online activities.  

Again, if you have any questions, feel free to write me at or call me if that is easier.



Make sure you take good notes.  You can re-watch these as well at any time.

Why Consider an Online Business

Easiest, lowest cost, fast to set up.

Be Prepared for Your New Online Business

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals.  

Set DAILY tasks if at all possible.

Get everything in place before pulling the trigger.

Setting up the Basics

One of the best autoresponder companies around is Aweber.

Your Profit Center host will set up your domain with WordPress and the Thrive theme.

Traffic Generation

SEO:  Takes a While

Articles:  Good start to syndicate (see document)

PPC:  Google, Bing,  Yahoo, Email (see document)

Social Media:  lots of options

Affiliate Marketing

Lower Cost Items -- A few samples of good affiliate offers here include the Unfair Advantage where I provide a 20+ email sequence to import into Aweber for my sales. 

Also, Matt Bacak has an excellent $6 offer called Secret Email System where he gives you all of his winning emails.

Higher Cost Items –Easy1Up is my favorite affiliate program because it pays 100% on sales from $250 to $2,000.

Product Creation

Good idea but you need to come to the table with topic expertise.

Selling Services

Again, if you can come to the table with expertise, you can start pretty quickly.  If you have to build up expertise, it will take longer.

Other Online Businesses

Best Practices


Get everything set up first.

1. Something to sell

2.  Some where to sell it.

3.  Some way to collect money.

4.  Somebody to see it to.

Video Title

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Comments on Vid

I hope you got a lot out of these and took some good notes.

Do you still have questions about starting your own online business?  You can book an hour with me if you like.  We can discuss your options, strengths, weaknesses, etc and come to some recommendations.

I created a few videos that may help simplify things a bit.  See Three Tips to Online Business Success and watch.

Here is the link I promised to the Audios of the above videos.  They are zipped up so you will need an unzip program to unzip them for use.  I recommend 7-Zip.  Free and easy to use.