Traffic Ad Bar will give you up to 4,000 clicks to your site per month for just a penny apiece!

And these are BUYERS!!!  100% of them are BUYERS.  Great Place to Advertise your offer.

Here’s a tactic to get loads of leads from this.

Put up a VERY simple page; a graphic with a headline on it will do.

Do NOT complicate it.

It will be unique to YOU.  No one else will have anything like it.  Curiosity will be sky high.

Have it offer exactly what your prospects wants/needs for his business:  Traffic, Leads and/or Sales items for instance.

Put a “Click Here” on your graphic to take the prospect OFF of Traffic Ad Bar and to your Lead Capture page.

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Here’s one I did that is pulling well: Traffic Ad Bar Ad.

You can make little graphics like this on for free.

This tactic works GREAT on all traffic Exchanges that offer free advertising for people’s business ventures.

Enjoy your cheap traffic and new lead building tactic!